Present computers users wish to have a storage which is immune to data loss or any physical disaster. But having such a storage device remains a dream. Due to one or the other event you may face data loss from your system storage device. Though hard drive offers high data storage capacity it does not provide guarantee against data loss. Then a question might arise in your mind that "How can I recover deleted data from my hard drive?". In order to perform deleted data recovery from hard disk, an efficient software is required.

From the time when computers were launched it used hard drives as its main storage device. They data storage can range from minimum of 500 MB to maximum 3 TB. Hard drives can store any files of different properties, applications, configured file etc. You can find two types of hard drives namely internal and external. Internal hard drives come embedded in the computer, while if you need any external source of data you may have to purchase an external hard drive from the market for use. However, this hard drive is less durability and more probable to lose data. While working on your computer you may commit mistakes like deleting a file accidentally either by using any third party application or pressing on any delete key combinations. During such situations download an effective tool like Deleted Hard drive recovery to know "How can I recover deleted data from my hard drive?" & restore erased files on hard drive all by yourself. To know how to recover deleted data from SD card visit:

Scenarios which you face that deletes data from hard drive:

Third party tools: Presently, users install and use different forms of third party tools to get their work easier and bring about changes to the file. There is different variety of tools such as antivirus scanning, image editing tools etc. These all use your system files and at time accidentally end up deleting any file. Hence, you have to be more careful when operating on these files using this software, otherwise you will lose the files & you have to attain deleted data recovery from hard disk, using a tool.

Restoring system: Factory Restoration settings are provided in every operating system. This is used by users when they want to get back to the past working state. It is helpful at times when the system enters into an abnormal state causing different behavior of system. After restoring the system it will delete all the files that you created and save on your system after the corresponding date and time leading to data loss. To restore erased files on hard drive, this tool will be perfect.

Interruption in transfer: There are many instances where you have to copy files from your hard drive to any other device. It takes a couple of minutes to copy the data if the there a huge amount of data. During this period of transfer system can shut down due to the fluctuations in power lines or computer wiring. This shutdown can result in deletion of files that were yet to be copied

So, to restore erased files on hard drive in any of the above mentioned scenarios, the mentioned tool will prove to be very useful. Deleted Hard drive recovery has a powerful engine that can scan your hard drive in few minutes and accomplish deleted data recovery from hard disk. It supports a vast number of files types like PowerPoint recovery (, document, video, audio and graphic recovery. The top brands in hard drive such as Seagate, Buffalo, Hitachi, Click Free are supported by this tool. It can restore cut and paste files which was deleted as an interruption in the process.

This enables you to recover deleted data from Mac operating system of latest versions. If you are a Mac user then Refer Here to get details about Mac recovery. Apart from Mac this software is designed to restore files from Windows OS. With the help of this software, it can also recover deleted data from external hard drive of all popular brands within few minutes. After the completion of the data recovery you will be provided with the preview of the files content.

How can I recover deleted data from my hard drive?

Step 1: Download and install the USB recovery application. From the main screen choose “Recover Files” option after connecting the pen drive to your computer.

How can I recover deleted data from my hard drive - Main Page

Step 2. On the next screen select either “Recover Deleted Files”. Select a drive from which you want to recover your deleted data.

How can I recover deleted data from my hard drive - Select Drive for recovery

Step 3: The scanning process gets initiated and displays the list of files recovered. Select the required file and save it back to system.

How can I recover deleted data from my hard drive - Preview Screen

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